DIA Inside|Out: A Family Fight in Front of the Civic Center

"Berenice Reproaching Ptolemy" is one of six pieces of art on display in Novi this summer.

Under the shade of trees in front of the stands a daugther criticizing her father.

A digital reproduction of Berenice Reproaching Ptolemy by John-Joseph Taillasson, which depicts this historic scolding, is on display in front of the Civic Center until late August.

It’s one of six pieces on display in Novi this summer as part of the Detroit Institute of Art’s Inside|Out program, which brings waterproof reproductions of masterpieces to the streets of metro Detroit communities.

Novi Patch is featuring all six of Novi’s pieces this week.

"A gambling father, a critical daughter, it's the kind of relationship that seems modern but is all-too-ancient," reads the placard by the painting. "Lives are at stake in this depiction of a historical scene. Berenice, wearing green and white, berates her father, the king of Egypt, for callously playing dice while deciding on death sentences for criminals."

The original painting is on display at the DIA.

Novi was one of 11 cities in metro Detroit chosen to display artwork. Read more about the program and see a map of the other paintings in Novi here.

Here is Novi Patch's schedule for profiling the paintings:

  • TuesdaySelf-Portrait by Vincent van Gogh
  • Wednesday— by Martin Johnson Heade
  • Thursday—Berenice Reproaching Ptolemy by John-Joseph Taillasson
  • Friday—The Trappers’ Return by George Caleb Bingham
  • Saturday—Konigsee by Willibald Wex
  • Sunday—Woman in an Armchair by Pierre-Auguste Renoir


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