Your Career Coach Will Assist You To Discover Your Passions!

Your career coach becomes your personal mirror

Career coaching was designed to help you discover your passionsfaster, easier, and more completely than any other method. Most people have more passions within them than they know of. Yet, they have difficulties actually figuring out what their passions really are. This is a natural situation, since  most people need help to see themselves well enough to discover their many  different passions. Just like people need to look in a mirror to see over 50% of their body.

How will a career coach help you discover your passions?
Your career coach will help you discover your passions by  focusing totally on you. Your coach will not be your superior. Your career coach  will ask you questions about you to get you to open up and reveal your many  hidden inner passions that have been bottled up for so long. Your career coach  will listen keenly to what you say and do not say to seek the truth, without  judgment and without an agenda. In truth, your career coach will become the  first and only person to concentrate on unraveling the truth within you. People  are amazed at how much they reveal to their career coach, because they are the  first to ask and care enough to listen.

Your career coach becomes your personal mirror.
Your coach will reflect back to you everything you revealed, in the same objective and confidential manner as a private mirror. You will discover your passions through your career coach. For example your coach might say, “I hear you say that you have a passion to become a photographer of wintertime wildlife.” The discovery process becomes a treasure hunt as you open up more and more to your coach, who in turn reflects back to you your many passions.

Why will it be so easy for you to discover your passions with a career coach?
You will experience a very special place with your career coach, found nowhere else in the world. You will become the center of attention – the king or queen due to the unique relationship you will have with your career coach. This is the only place where you can open up and be yourself without any forms of judgment, without any guilt, without any pressures, and in total confidence. Your coach will support who you are, as you are and help you give yourself permission to be yourself. You will discover and understand your mind and soul for the first time. And of course you will discover your passions, all of them, in this full self-discovery process you will conduct with your coach.

By Bill Dueease

President The Coach Connection  http://www.findyourcoach.com

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