Holy Bat Cave!

What a cool thing GM is doing! Read why bats call the Chevy Volt battery covers home sweet home.

Bats. Not sure about 'em. My basic introduction to them began at an early age Saturday mornings while watching Sir Graves Ghastly horror flicks and seeing a vampire manifest itself into a bat. Come to find out it doesn't really work that way.

Holy Bat Cave!

"Unfortunately," according to the Organization for Bat Conservation, “due to many years of fear and misunderstanding, bat populations are decreasing and some are nearly extinct."  Don’t be afraid. But you don’t need to open up your home to them either. Since their natural habitat is quickly disappearing, bat houses give them a place to call their own.

John Bradburn is General Motors’ resident expert on waste reduction and recycling. Rather than just recycling, which uses more energy and resources, he focuses on repurposing materials and what to do with unwanted scraps. So, with his love and appreciation of the earth and its wild life –  combined with his job, he came up with a pretty cool idea. While trying to figure out what to do with scrap Chevrolet Volt battery covers, he came up with bat houses! So he, along with the help of Rob Mies, founder of the Organization for Bat Conservation located at the Cranbrook Institute of Science, figured out how to make the habitable environment for bats out of them.

I had no idea that the Little Brown Bat can eat up to 6,000 insects each night. Bats are the primary predators of night-flying insects including moths, beetles, flies, and mosquitos. And if one of these bat houses can hold up to 150 bats, that’s 900,000 bugs in a night - gone!

Put away the Raid® and get yourself a bat house.

If you're a school or organization and would love to adopt a bat house, wood duck nesting habitat or a screech owl house, contact john.bradburn@gm.com and see if he can hook you up with your very own habitat.

Want to find out even more? Check out this link! GM and Detroit Youth Turn Chevy Volt Battery Covers into Wood Duck Homes; Michigan Kids Go Batty for Chevrolet Volt Battery Covers

And, for additional fun stuff about bats visit www.batconservation.org

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Dale Murrish May 04, 2012 at 11:40 AM
Love your cartoon, Birgit! Writing about my test drive in the Volt with battery engineers explaining it is next on my list of Fastlane articles. I visited the Brownstown Battery Plant during GM's plant open houses last year. It's an impressive vehicle and has won all kinds of awards as the best engineered vehicle. It eliminates range anxiety; for those who want an electric vehicle it can be their only car. It is expensive but the price will come down as the technology matures. I'm tired of it being used as a political football by both sides this election season. Hopefully things will quiet down after November and GM can get on with making a wide range of products to meet the needs of all their customers.
Angela May 04, 2012 at 02:48 PM
My tax dollars at work. Government Motors giving away bat houses, made by union workers none-the less! The Volt is unaffordable for the 99%, (heck, even the battery alone costs more than my last 3 used cars cost me) and the fact that GM had to stop producing them because of dwindling demand means we nay-sayers were right - it is nothing more than an expensive tax-funded boondoggle funded by our grandchildren's tax dollars. And this is progress?
Marty Rosalik May 05, 2012 at 12:46 AM
Some people Angela are just too angry and hatefull to ever see the truth. John is a salary manager not union. The bat houses and many other projects are fabricated by students, voulnteers, and people being trained for saleable skills. Dwindling demand? March set RECORD Volt sales. You see the Volt is selling at pre bankrupcy predicted rates. The plant was reconfigured as directed by new CEO to double the original production. So overcapacity. With China and Europe ordering Volts the plant should come back on line and stay on line. As for the "boonedoggle", well I paid a record amount last year in federal and state taxes. I guess it would please you more to be paying my unemployment. And the unemployment of hundresd of your neighbors.
KK May 06, 2012 at 05:33 PM
Very nice article on an interesting and often misunderstood animal. Thanks for sharing John Bradburn's great work!


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