Sold! Recently Sold Homes in Novi

What's selling? Here's a list of residences recently sold in Novi.

These properties were recently sold in Novi, according to the most recent information from AOL Real Estate.

  • 39805 Village Wood Lane: $60,000 on Nov. 21
  • 42103 Pellston Drive: $77,000 on Nov. 21
  • 44625 Huntington Drive: $129,500 on Nov. 21
  • 30879 Jasper Ridge #148: $130,000 on Nov. 21
  • 24373 Fairway Hills Drive: $135,000 on Nov. 21
  • 24445 Borderhill: $152,000 on Nov. 21
  • 25911 Clark Street: $75,000 on Nov. 27
  • 22440 Windmere Court: $460,000 on Nov. 27

Each week, Sold! will highlight a bit of information about recent home sales to offer some perspective on the housing market. Looking to buy, sell or rent a property? Consult the Patch Real Estate directory.


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