In Case of Emergency: 5 Stores Open on Christmas Day

If you need a carton of milk, batteries or a tank of gas on the Dec. 25, read on for your emergency guide.

Oops! The in-laws are staying with you over the holiday and you wake up Christmas morning realizing your guests like half-and-half in their coffee, and you're out. Or you find you ran out of batteries for the remote control — no one will be happy with that one. Where can you go if a last-minute surprise pops up?

We have a small list for you, in case you need to head out to the door and grab something on the quick.

Or if you're seeking a place to grab a latte or dine out on Christmas Day, visit our list of five places that will be open.


24111 Meadowbrook Road, Novi
What can we say? The corner 7-Eleven (at whatever corner you happen to be) is open, selling milk, bread, soda, cat food, magazines, gum and much more. Plus, you can treat yourself to a Slurpee if you're so inclined.


39425 Six Mile Road, Northville
This gas station on Six Mile Road is open 24 hours so you can stop in any time for gas, pop, donuts, a lottery ticket, magazine, and so on.


710 W. Eight Mile Road, Northville
While not open 24 hours, this gas station is open from 6 a.m.-11 p.m., giving you ample time to fill up, grab a coffee or snacks, or grab a few bucks from the ATM machine.

Novi Fine Wine & Liquor

43340 W. 10 Mile Road, Novi
This shop will open at noon on Christmas Day, where you'll be able to pick up plenty of last-minute items, from snacks to beverages and more. Their closing time isn't quite set yet, so be sure to call to make sure they're open if you're venturing out later in the day.


31275 Haggerty Road, Novi
The Novi Speedway on Haggerty will be open Christmas Day from 7 a.m.-10 p.m., so you can top off the gas tank, pick up a to-go coffee, or whatever last-minute item you may want or need.

• • •

If you're a night-owl type who shops late, some shops won't be open Christmas Day, but they'll be open late on Christmas Eve. Castle Wine Shoppe will be open until midnight on Saturday, and Vintage Wine Shoppe will be open until 11 p.m. that night.


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