10 Things to Be Thankful for in Novi This Thanksgiving

After you give thanks for family, friends, health and food, let's thank Novi for being the greatest city to live in!

Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate your loved ones and the blessings you have received. One thing to be sure to put on your list of things to be thankful for: living in Novi. Here are 10 reasons why we should be thankful to live in this great city.

10. Developing businesses

One reason Novi continues to be a great place to live is all the money invested in the city by local and international businesses. Whether it's a that makes diesel engines and drive and propulsion systems or the , the city has become one that pushes for economic development. In fact, the city was recently by researchers at University of Michigan-Dearborn.

9. An active online community

Not only do the city and schools have newly revamped and frequently updated websites, but they also have many officials who are active on social media. If you're on Facebook and Twitter, these are just some of the pages that make it easy to communicate with people and organizations: 

On Facebook:

On Twitter:

P.S. You can also find Novi Patch on Facebook and Twitter!

8. Never a dull moment

Novi has some of the best family programming around. The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department frequently offers events and workshops for families and adults, and if you've ever tried to entertain children through three months of summer, that is something to be thankful for! The city's was a hit, and ongoing programs like the Family Self Defense Center, , continue to bring pride to Novi.

7. Grand River Avenue repaved

The worst parts of Grand River Avenue between Novi and Haggerty roads were patched up this fall. Thank goodness, because I kept fearing I would pop a tire every time I drove that stretch. Now it's smooth sailing, and are coming this spring.

6. Novi's new athletic director

After two months of having an interim athletic director for , the district finally found Curt Ellis' replacement: . We're thankful to have someone permanently in charge as winter sports get underway. Good luck, Mr. Wilson!

5. Growing diversity

Novi's demographics have changed drastically over just the past decade, and we've all come to learn about new cultures and traditions. In Novi, we're thankful for a town that embraces differences, rather than shut them out. For example, opened its doors to the this August, and the city threw an this September.

4. Novi Schools' dynamic duo

hired a new superintendent for this school year: . He started just a short time after the Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services, RJ Webber. The two have a vision for the future of Novi schools, including lofty . As Principal told me this summer, "If you put a strong, smart, concientious superintendent with a lot of integrity with somebody who is a go-getter and a visionary in the area of instruction and curriculum, that was the place that I wanted to be." Well, we're thankful they want to be here, too.

3. Novi Road reopens

Let's face it. Having Novi Road closed for the past six months has . But as a wonderful Thanksgiving present to Novi, the road is reopening on Wednesday. We'll forever be thankful to have our direct route to , especially during Black Friday!

2. Having the best library in Michigan

We all know the is fabulous, but it wasn't always that way. It took a lot of effort by many people to plan, fill and open the new building in the summer of 2010. But it's not just the state-of-the-art facility we have to be thankful for, but the people who work inside it. The library was the 2011 State Librarian's Excellence Award for outstanding customer service.

1. Being a top 10 town for families in the U.S.

People always say that Novi is a great place to live for families, but now we have an objective outsider to back up our claim. In August, Novi was named one of the by Family Circle Magazine, which reminds us to be thankful for Novi's excellent schools, affordable family housing, expansive green space, low crime rate, access to health care, financial stability and giving spirit.


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