6 Places to Shop for Those Extra People on Your List

You know what to buy grandma, but what about your neighbors? These six places can help you out with those extra people on your list.

These days, it seems like the list of people to buy holiday gifts for is endless; there's your child's secret santa, the work gift-exchange, the babysitter, your daughter's girl scout leader — you get the idea.

The holidays can be busy enough without having to brainstorm gifts for everyone. To help you out, here's a list of places where you can find quick and cheap gift ideas to fit those extra people on your list.

  • : The $1 Spot in the front of the store is the perfect place to find cute trinkets to give to anyone on your list, especially children. You can find anything from small toys to calendars to measuring spoons — all for a low price. Then just add some candy from the food aisle to finish off your gift.

  • : Blockbuster has tables full of its previously-viewed DVDs and Blu-Rays for sale, and for cheap! Especially around this time of year, you can find great deals like five movies for $25. Everyone loves movies, so this is an easy way to knock several people off your list.
  • : If you're looking for a gift for a female of any age, you can't go wrong with something that smells delicious. At Bath & Body Works you can grab some sample-sized lotions, body wash or antibacterial soap for an inexpensive and quick gift.
  • : If you want to add a more personal touch to your gifts, stop by Jo-Ann's to find a quick craft to make the perfect present. Or have your children make gifts for their friends (something easy like decorating a picture frame) to keep them entertained and cross off your holiday shopping list all at once. And be sure to check out the sales racks near the cash registers for cheap trinkets that you can give out in bulk.
  • : Gift cards can be a boring gift, but not if you dress them up a little. Buying a gift card to Emagine Theatre and tucking it into a basket with a bag of popcorn and some candy bars turns this last-minute present into the gift of a fun night out.
  • : If you just don't have any more time and need to resort to buying a gift card, grab one on your way out of the grocery store. Kroger has a huge supply of gift cards from Starbucks to Barnes & Noble, so you don't have to drive around to buy a bunch from different places.


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