Letter to the Editor: Novi Singers Deserve Recognition

Novi High School student Gautham Ravi says the high school choir group should have been in the program at Light Up the Night.

Dear Editor:

The article written on November 24th, 2012 written by the Novi Public Library about the “Light up the Night” event was very descriptive.  It listed the numerous programs and performances that were going to occur at the event. Among the listed performances were, performances by “Muskigarten and Me” and “The Novi Choralaires”. But the article did not talk about the Novi Singers, one of the choir groups of the high school who also performed at the event. I being a member of this group do not think this is fair.

The songs that were performed at the event were fairly difficult songs and hard to master. Not being recognized for our performance that we gave was not fair in my mind. We worked on those pieces for 4 weeks and prepared hard for this event. We wanted the city of Novi to see our talent but we did not get as much recognition as the Novi Choralaires. They were not the only group performing. Also on the program for “Light Up the Night” it did not even state that there was going to be a performance by the Novi Singers.

I am not trying to blame anybody or list a complaint. I am merely stating the fact that our group was not recognized for the performance we gave. Even though we are a high school choir group I think we deserve recognition.


Gautham Ravi

Novi High School Student


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