Poll: Should People be Allowed to Openly Carry Weapons in Michigan?

A deadly shooting early Friday during a showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" at a Colorado movie theater has reignited debate about whether stricter gun laws can prevent such tragedies.

A deadly shooting early Friday during a showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" at a movie theater in Colorado has spurred debate about whether stricter gun laws could have prevented the tragedy.

Some gun rights advocates argue that had a member of the audience been carrying a weapon, they could have used it to stop the shooter; advocates of more stringent gun rules, however, say more weapons lead to more chaos and ensuring public safety should be left to law enforcement.

Adults are legally permitted to carry and conceal registered pistols and rifles under Michigan law and aren't required to show ID to police. Municipalities aren't allowed to regulate the possession of firearms; but, according to state law MCL 750.234d, there are certain exceptions when firearms are not allowed. These include:

  • Churches
  • Courts
  • Theaters
  • Sports arenas
  • Day care centers
  • Hospitals
  • Establishments licensed under the Michigan Liquor Control Act

However, according to MCL 28.425o, a person with a Concealed Pistol License may, with the property owner's permission, open or conceal carry a firearm into an entertainment facility that has a seating capacity of fewer than 2,500. If the entertainment facility has a seating capacity over 2,500, the CPL holder may not carry a firearm concealed, but may openly carry a firearm, with the property owner's permission.

Should people be allowed to carry and conceal weapons in Michigan? Take our poll.

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to reflect a clarification regarding Michigan's open carry laws as they apply to an entertainment facility, such as a movie theater.

Barbara July 29, 2012 at 07:04 PM
Very well put. I whole heartedly agree with you. Thank you for your comment.
Kevin Moser July 30, 2012 at 09:52 AM
Neil, I dont see what a reckless driving ticket has to do with concealed weapons? It are abuses like these by our Government that has so many suspicious of them. Carrying is a right, driving is a priviledge.
Kevin Moser July 30, 2012 at 09:59 AM
Alan, you just crossed into the waters of a huge part of the problem. A huge number of people with mental disorders are nearly impossible to refer for tratment. We only need to look to the shootings where the congressional member was shot. This gentleman had previously sent up all kinds of red flags with college, friends and police department of potential danger, but it was not enough for the school or anyone to refer him to treatment. And even in cases like this, the guy was seeing a psychologist and still amaased a stock pile of weapons and explosives while attending treatment. I dont know the answer to this. I guess does our personal safety trump our right to ownership? Perhaps if legislators focused on answers to questions like these instead of denying right to carry over non violent thigs like traffic tickets, we may have better laws in place?
Kevin Moser July 30, 2012 at 10:05 AM
This conversation seemed to go from open carry of rifles to handguns. I dont like either because I feel the guns need to be open. Those saying they are for open carry and then say they could provide you protection if something happens arent quite true as if I were a criminal, I would be aware of you carrying and most likely would have the drop on you anyways. Another debate coming back up is the mega clips that fire up to 60 rounds in under a minute. What possible reason for is there for posessing these? Some say for target. I can think of no other. If that is the case, these should be kept at ranges on a rental basis or if for home protection, in your home. I dont see why they would be allowed on the streets.
Edward Anchak August 09, 2012 at 12:18 PM
"Adults are legally permitted to carry and conceal registered pistols and rifles under Michigan law" Nope, in Michigan, we have a CPL, or Concealed Pistol Licence. There is no CRL, and a rifle is not a pistol.


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