Backpack Stolen From Car at Novi Gas Station

The following information was provided by the Novi Police Department.

A 22-year-old female was getting gas at the Speedway on Haggerty Road on Jan. 16 when her backpack was stolen out of her car, according to a police report.

While at the gas station around 9:30 p.m., the woman noticed a blue/green car at a pump with two men in the car. She thought it was suspicious that they were not pumping gas but just waiting in the car. The passenger of the car eventually got out and went into the station. 

After the woman finished pumping gas, she went into the Speedway. All of the doors except the driver's door were locked. She noticed the suspicious man inside the station and looked out to the suspicious vehicle, where she could no longer see the driver, the report said. The man left the store before her. When the woman returned to her car, she immediately saw that her backpack was missing and screamed out, "Where is my backpack?" The two men in the car looked at her and then sped off out of the gas station, the report said.

Inside the woman's backpack was her laptop, cell phone, wallet, school books and folders, and keys. 

The following day, the Farmington Hills Police Department contacted Novi police with more information, the report said. They said they had a robbery in the area of Eight Mile and Grand River Avenue and used a K-9 to try to find the suspect, the report said. The K-9 did not find the person but did find the woman's backpack that was stolen in Novi, the report said.

Joan Nader January 24, 2013 at 09:19 PM
Please describe the suspects briefly so I can be careful. Height, weight, etc.


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