Woman Urinating on I-96 in Novi Arrested for OWI

The following information was provided by the Novi Police Department.

A Novi police officer was on patrol and driving down Novi Road when he noticed a car stopped on the I-96 East entrance ramp, according to a police report.

The officer pulled onto the ramp to check on the car and noticed the female driver squatting next to the driver side door, urinating, the report said.

The car was running but was in park and was half on the shoulder and half on the roadway, the report said. As the officer pulled behind the car, the woman got back into the driver's seat.

The officer then asked the woman what she was doing, and she said she was looking for her driver's license, the report said. The officer said he saw that she was urinating, and she said she was but she was also looking for her license, the report said.

The woman gave her name to the officer, which he checked in the computer and found to be false, the report said. The woman said she gave the wrong name because she does not have a driver's license and was scared, the report said.

The officer then told the woman she was under arrest and grabbed her wrist to handcuff her. She then attempted to pull away and began yelling that she did not want to go to jail and asked the officer to just write a ticket, the report said. The officer and another officer were able to keep her under control, the report said.

The woman was then handcuffed and given a breathalyzer test, which showed the she had a blood-alcohol level of 0.114; this is above Michigan's legal driving limit of 0.08.

The woman was arrested on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, urinating in public, giving false information to a police officer and driving without a license, the report said.


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