Novi City Council Candidate: Donna Skelcy

Skelcy is one of seven candidates running for three seats.

On the Nov. 8 election ballot, Novi residents will vote for three candidates for a four-year term on Novi City Council.

Donna Skelcy is running against Laura Casey, Rickie Ibe, Ed Kramer, incumbent Dave Staudt, Ramesh Verma and incumbent Wayne Wrobel. Skelcy submitted these answers to questions asked by Patch.




Claim Representative, State Farm Insurance

Current and past community involvement

Currently Serving on the Novi Zoning Board of Appeals


B.A. from the University of Michigan; J.D. from the Detroit College of Law

How long have you been a Novi resident? 

Since 2008

Why are you running for office?

I am running for the Novi City Council because of the tremendous enjoyment I have experienced in serving on Novi's Zoning Board of Appeals.  I regard the time spent on the Board as my way of giving back to the Novi citizens. I want to devote more energy and time to the citizens because I find public service personally rewarding and because I believe my background is the right background needed to ensure Novi continues to be a destination city for families and businesses. 

What do you think are the biggest issues facing the city? How would you handle them?

We need to continue to maintain our financial stability and focus on growing businesses and residential areas to make sure we have a solid tax base. 

If elected, what are some of your goals for the city?

1. If elected, I would focus on maintaining Novi's sound financial ground which would ensure its standing as a first rate community in which to live and raise a family.  To me, this means maintaining our core city services for our residents and businesses and it means trying to find efficiencies that reduce expenses.
 2.  I would focus on bringing additional businesses to Novi.  To do this, I would encourage policies that would expedite the governmental process a business must undergo to open in Novi.  3. Certain parts of the city need to be reinvigorated including Novi’s southeast corner.  If elected, I would have the city examine possible infrastructure enhancements and seek funding for this through grants and other resources.  I want to help navigate Novi's needs by listening to and treating residents, city employees and business owners with respect.

Why should Novi residents vote for you?

Novi Citizens need decisive leaders and my track record on the Zoning Board of Appeals has shown I am decisive on issues that come before the board. I am fully prepared at the Zoning Board meetings and I would bring the same level of preparedness to the City Council meetings.

I understand the needs of seniors having assisted my parents with their medical and mobility issues. My experience with my parents has given me insight into issues regarding self-reliance, economic concerns and independence that are vital to our seniors.

I also think it is important to have someone with legal experience on the Novi City Council. We are losing an important legal voice with our current Mayor who has decided not to run again. My training as an attorney would allow me to spot those issues that could pose a legal risk to the city and address them before they become a problem and cause excessive legal expenses to the city.

In my work with my current employer, I gained extensive experience formulating and working on multi-million dollar budgets. A large part of the City Council Member's work is evaluating and approving the City budget. My experience in working with very large budgets is a skill that I would bring to this position that other candidates do not possess.

Working on the Zoning Board of Appeals has given me insight into the residential and business growth Novi is experiencing.  My goal is to ensure Novi remains a city where businesses and families want live and grow. We need a diverse tax base and a welcoming attitude toward all members of our diverse community. 

I have been endorsed byTerry Margolis, current Novi City Council Member, has extended her support and endorsement for Donna Skelcy in the 2011 Novi City Council race. Terry had this to say about Donna, "Donna brings fresh ideas and energy to the decision making process. She listens, learns and takes action. She is exactly the type leader Novi needs to keep moving in the right direction."

How can residents contact you?

They can email me at Dskelcy@gmail.com or call me at 248-880-2243


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