Novi Receives Additional $200,000 for Eight Mile Construction Project

Construction from Napier to Taft will begin this spring.

Novi has received an additional $205,438 from the Road Commission for Oakland County to go toward a construction project on Eight Mile Road.

The Road Commission (RCOC) had an extra $2.9 million of unclaimed tri-party funding for the county, so communities were able to request additional funds for projects already planned for 2013.

Tri-party funds are a program for road improvements in which the Oakland County government, RCOC and the community each pay a share for a road project.

The Eight Mile project consists of resurfacing the road from Napier to Taft, plus other improvements. The approximate total cost is $3.9 million, according to Novi Director of Public Services/City Engineer Rob Hayes. 

Most of the project will be funded by more than $2.4 million in federal dollars. After applying tri-party funding, Novi’s cost share will be approximately $132,000 and will be covered by the city’s Municipal Street Fund.

The part of the project from Beck to Taft will be funded in part by the City of Northville.

The project is still in the design phase, but is expected to start in the spring and be completed in late fall.

Lisa Arena December 19, 2012 at 06:16 PM
I think 8 mile is significantly more in need of resurfacing down at the intersection of Center Street/8mile. What we really need in the proposed area, however, is a widening of the road heading east at the 8 mile and Beck intersection, with a right turning lane.
Michele Jay December 23, 2012 at 09:46 PM
I'm with Lisa. Eight mile and Center has needed resurfacing since I moved to this area 7 years ago as does Eight mile east bound between Novi Rd and Griswold. Interesting how the money goes for street repairs that aren't necessary yet and the areas that have long needed it continue to be ignored (and are part of Novi)! One year I was so frustrated with the holes in the road at 8/Center that I contacted the City of Northville and was referred to the County who said there was nothing they could do. Doesn't help that 8 mile is the dividing line. South of 8 is Wayne Co. and north is Oakland Co. When it snows it seems to be the last area salted, too. Seems the counties should find a way to work together to improve this piece of road and respond faster when it snows due to the volume of traffic it carries.
Joe Blow81 January 01, 2013 at 06:28 AM
except that's Northville. Perhaps (likely) they didn't have the matching funds.....and FYI, the county line there is BASE LINE - about 3 blocks south of Eight Mile Road.


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