Paradise Park Gets Novi's Final Liquor License

The park will use the license for a planned entertainment structure.

The Novi City Council granted its last remaining liquor license to Paradise Park, an indoor and outdoor entertainment center in Novi, at its meeting Monday night.

The owners of the park asked for the license to use in a permanent entertainment structure, which they plan to build to use for special events such as weddings or other parties. The structure will cost approximately $200,000. Currently the park puts up a tent for special events. The park also has miniature golf, go-karts, climbing walls, laser tag and arcade games.

The council is careful about granting its licenses because the city is only allowed to give out a certain number of them based on the city's population.

To receive a license, the city asks applicants to demonstrate that the business would provide a good or service that is not presently available in the city or that is unique to the city, that the business would foster economic growth or development, and that the business represents an added financial investment by a long-term business or resident with ties to the city.

"This facility really qualifies under probably all three of our areas," said council member Terry Margolis. "I've been known to be tough on these quota liquor licenses, but to me one of the most important factors is that this family and this business has been in this community through years."

Council voted unanimously to grant the license, citing that the park is unique to the area and that the planned entertainment structure is an investment in the city that will foster growth.

"There's no doubt in my mind that obviously the whole entertainment aspect certainly meets the uniqueness, not only in Novi as was previously mentioned, but in the whole Southeast Michigan area," said member Justin Fischer.

Mayor Bob Gatt added that the family that owns the park has showed its dedication to the city.

"The Wainwrights have put a lot of money into their project, but more importantly they've put their lives and soul into their Paradise Park. It's a very unique place and they're part of our community," he said.


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