Novi's 2012 MEAP Results Show Mostly Increases

Novi continues to score well above state averages.

The annual MEAP results, released Monday morning, show gains in many academic areas for Novi Community Schools this past year.

The results also show Novi students maintaining a higher level of proficiency in every grade level and every subject than peers statewide.

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The 2012 Michigan Educational Assessment Program measures progress in subjects such as math, reading, writing, science and social studies for third through ninth-graders.

In the data released publicly Monday, 67.8 percent of Novi eighth grade students were ranked proficient in math—meaning they met or exceeded state standards—up from 59.3 percent in 2011.

An increase was seen in writing results in the seventh grade, with 67.5 percent proficiency in 2012 versus 60.9 percent proficiency in 2011. An increase was also seen in sixth grade social studies, with with 52 percent proficiency in 2012 versus 45.5 percent proficiency in 2011.

Results show a decrease for all three subjects in the fifth grade, with the biggest drop seen in science; results show 25.1 percent of fifth grade students were proficient in 2012 versus 37.5 percent in 2011.

A decrease was also seen in social studies results in the ninth grade, with 48.8 percent proficiency in 2012 versus 58.1 in 2011.

Novi and several districts saw some proficiency ratings slightly drop in 2011 due to new cut scores from the state. The new scores were based on students getting more of the answers correct than in year's past. And this year's results are the first apples-to-apples comparison based on those new guidelines.

Novi Superintendent Dr. Steve Matthews and Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services RJ Webber said this past year that the district looks at more than just MEAP scores to measure student performance.

Statewide reading, mathematics and writing scores saw positive gains compared to the previous year, the Michigan Department of Education said in a press release.

“These gains demonstrate Michigan’s teachers and students are rising to the challenge of the rigorous standards established last year,”  State Superintendent Mike Flanagan said in a press release. “I am encouraged by the progress we are making in Michigan and look forward to the continued efforts to help all students achieve at a higher level in all subjects.”

Here's a look at the 2012 MEAP results. Results show the percent of students who have met or exceeded state standards.

Grade 3

Novi 2012
Novi 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 70.3% 71.6% 40.9% Reading 85.6% 80.7% 66.5%

Grade 4

Novi 2012 Novi 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 80.3% 75.1% 44.9% Reading 88.4% 85.3% 68.1% Writing 73.6% 73.5% 46.7%

Grade 5

Novi 2012 Novi 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 74.8% 77.3% 45.7% Reading 81.8% 85.7% 70.4% Science 25.1% 37.5% 13.1%

Grade 6

Novi 2012 Novi 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 77.7% 73.6% 40.2% Reading 84.4% 82.9% 68.2% Social Studies 52.0% 45.5% 29.7%

Grade 7

Novi 2012 Novi 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 74.5% 70% 38.4% Reading 80.6% 78.6% 62% Writing 67.5% 60.9% 51.7%

Grade 8

Novi 2012 Novi 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 67.8% 59.3% 32.5% Reading 77.2% 74.2% 65.7% Science 26.5% 25.9% 15.9%

Grade 9

Novi 2012 Novi 2011 Michigan 2012 Social Studies 48.8% 58.1% 28.6%

Source: Michigan Department of Education


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