Nathan Farooq Remembered in Second Annual Tennis Open

The fundraiser will be June 15-17 at Novi Middle School.

In January 2011, the Novi community was shook by the news that senior Nathan Farooq was hit by a car and killed on the side of the Southfield Freeway. 

To honor his memory, two of Nathan's friends and tennis teammates quickly organized a charity tennis tournament that summer and were able to bring more than 40 people together to commemorate Nathan's life.

The Nathan Farooq Memorial Open is again being held this year from June 15-17 at .

Kyle McGuire, who was the co-founder of the tournament with Andrew Cho, said they want to keep the tournament going to ensure that Farooq is always remembered.

"Things are easily forgotten, so we're doing a lot of work to make sure that doesn't happen," McGuire said.

McGuire knew Farooq since elementary school and they played tennis together in high school. But now that many of Farooq's friends are graduating, McGuire wants to make sure future Novi students know him.

"I want (the tournament) to continue and these people that are coming in now - freshmen this year would have never played with him. So they probably have read it on the news and that's it," McGuire said.

Although the tournament was only open to high school tennis players last year, this year adults are welcome, as well. One singles draw will be for high school and college students and another will be for older adults.

The registration fee is $20, and players can register online.

Last year, the open raised more than $2,000 and the organizers donated the money in Farooq's name to the Andre Agasi Foundation for Education

This year, the money raised will be going toward two scholarships for seniors at Novi High School. The scholarships — one for $1,000 and one for $500 — will be awarded to students who have played at least four years of tennis during high school and meet other qualifications.

Money raised above that $1,500 will be donated toward Nathan's parents' ongoing project of building houses in Bangladesh, where they have family.

McGuire said he hopes the tournament will continue to grow in the future, but still retain its local feel.

The tournament has gained so much interest in the past year that the organizers have filed to become a non-profit organization.

This year's sponsors include and Fathead.

For those non-tennis players who would like to help, you can sign up to be a volunteer for the open or make a donation at nfmopen.com.


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